January 9, 2020
Indra Indoor Air Quality

The Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants and How to Counter Them

Cooler weather throughout the U.S. during the winter months causes more than just rising heating bills. In many cities, cold temperatures trigger a situation called an inversion, in which air pollution is trapped beneath a pocket of warm or cold air for an extended period. When this happens, breathing outdoor air can become dangerous for at-risk populations including young children, the elderly and people with respiratory illnesses. Although seasonal inversions remind us of a significant environmental problem affecting large groups of people, indoor air quality (“IAQ”) is an important topic to consider all year long. Growing concerns with IAQ have […]
January 9, 2020
Indra - Connected Devices

The Best Connected Devices for Energy and Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

The Internet of Things, a network of smart devices that monitors its environment and interacts with humans, is expanding every year. This network captures and processes incomprehensible amounts of data about us and our behavior, giving it the ability to learn about our preferences. This can be very helpful, and one of the biggest groups of products in this category is designed specifically to help with efficiency and safety within the home. Connected devices such as smart thermostats, energy monitors, and indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors are exploding onto the home automation scene. Major advantages of such products include the […]