Information about INDRA’s Fixed Electric Generation Supply Service for Residential Customers

Fixed Electric Generation Supply Service Rate

INDRA’s fixed rate is stated below and is valid only for newly enrolled INDRA residential customers.

Contract Term (Duration)

The term of INDRA’s fixed contracts will be for seventeen months beginning with your first meter read by your utility following your enrollment with INDRA. There are no early termination fees. There are no guaranteed savings.

RESIDENTIAL Electric Generation Supply Price Comparison Information

These rates are valid for sales made during: November 2019

The prices stated in the table below include all monthly fixed charges related to electric generation supply service.

UtilityINDRA Fixed rate / kWh
INDRA 500 kWhINDRA 1000 kWhINDRA 2000 kWh
Allegheny / W.P. $0.1110$55.50$111.00$222.00
DUQ. LIGHT $0.1150$57.50$115.00$230.00
PECO $0.1130$56.50$113.00$226.00
PPL $0.1120$56.00$112.00$224.00