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About Indra Energy

Providing Electricity and Natural Gas Plans

Providing Electricity and Natural Gas Plans

About Us

What Makes Indra Energy different.

Yes, it’s true we’re an energy company dedicated to providing electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy options to the millions of residential, small commercial, and large commercial & industrial utility customers across 8 States and Washington, DC in 48 utility markets.
It’s also true that our leadership team has over 100 combined years of experience in the retail energy industry … providing you with the security of knowing you’re dealing with a group of people who have a proven track record.
But what makes us different is that, our main focus remains on you, our customer!
We want you to have a great experience from the time you pick up that telephone to call us or check our latest rates online, to when you signup or reach out with a question. It’s our mission to make your enrollment process easy and smooth.

About Energy Deregulation

What is energy deregulation, and how it benefits you!

Are you living in a deregulated energy State? Not sure what that means? Here is a simple explanation of energy deregulation and, most importantly, what are the advantages for you as an energy consumer.
In a regulated market, only one company, usually called the local “utility”, can provide you with electricity and natural gas. They are the only ones with the authority to sell directly to the consumer. They are responsible for the maintenance and management of the infrastructure required for delivery. These include the pipes, poles and wires required to deliver to the energy to the consumer. In a regulated market, since one company manages everything, they also set the price for delivery and supply to the consumer. The consumer has no choice over the supply rate being charged.
In a deregulated market, the utility still owns the infrastructure and is still responsible for delivering energy to your home, but competing third-party energy supply companies are authorized to buy and sell electricity and to sell directly to you. The goal of deregulation is increasing competition in the market and allow companies to offer the consumers an alternative to their local utility.
Deregulation gives the consumer the power to choose their supplier. When you switch to Indra Energy, there is no disruption of service. Since the local utility will continue to deliver you the electricity and/or natural gas, you will continue to receive your energy seamlessly and will not notice any transition during the switching process. The rate you pay for your energy will be the rate you choose from Indra Energy, your supplier. You will notice Indra listed on your monthly bill as your energy supplier when you switch. It is important to note that in the case of an emergency (like a power outage or natural gas leak), please contact the local utility company for your area.

How Deregulation Works

Deregulation gives you the alternative to use an energy supplier of your choice.

Generator to Create Electricity and Natural Gas
Indra Energy Purchases electricity and natural gas.
Local utilities transmit and deliver electricity to customers.
Consumer Residential and Commercial End User
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